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We are looking to hire a production designer who likes cats.

We want to hire someone who understands that design is storytelling, folk art, and applied philosophy all rolled up in a ball, and designers are…

A moment of appreciation for the lofty expectations of dreamers

Every once in a while, you push through and see pressure turn into real results. Sometimes large, sometimes small. Always meaningful.

Let’s make stuff

Well hello there! Our art department has an opening, and we have a need for another designer.

Went for a walk, took some pictures

Walked around downtown. Took some pictures with a ridiculous 500mm lens.

We are looking for a brilliant designer just like you

Just because we’re in the middle of an apocalypse doesn’t mean we're not looking to hire another brilliant designer. ‘Cause we are.

Meditations in an emergency

Imagine what an astronaut on the moon must feel like, crossing the terminator from daylight into night. One minute in bright sunshine, the next minute…

It only took seventeen years

During the holiday break I decided to finally put a sign on our building. Our doorway has traditionally been a little scuzzy, and although I…

Hello, we have more jobs

Well, what started as a need to fill in for a designer on maternity leave has turned into a need to hire two new permanent,…

Looking for a designer

Hello! We’re looking to short-term hire another designer while Whitney is out on maternity leave! Sound interesting? Good. Here’s what you’ll be helping out with: assisting…

Things I didn’t know before working at EMRL

I have been working at EMRL for almost 3 years. Although it certainly does not feel like that much time has passed, I have learned…