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Board games are cool

One of my talents in life is being able to absorb historical information like a sponge. The other part of this is I have a relentless need to share the information that I have learned with the world. So here you go. Buckle up buckeroo. Recently, I learned the history…

Do I contradict myself?

In Song of Myself Walt Whitman wrote: Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) I assume that when he wrote this in the 1800’s he specifically had me in mind, reading it well over 100 years later. That’s the feeling I’ve…

Seconds please!

You don’t need to hang around me for very long to realize that eating is one of my hobbies. I think a part of it has to be credited back to growing up in Australia and how big food plays a part in our culture. Not only is it one…

Thanks guys

Okay, my first blog post for EMRL. I’m going to knock this out easy. Ya, no. I am in my eleventh writing hour and my third day of writing and rewriting. Building and destroying. Every time I awoke the last few nights this blog post was on my mind. SO…

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