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Is it summer yet?

The pressure is on, we have challenged ourselves to write a blog post every week for the shop and naturally mine came after everyone else. I’d like to ask a question, where does inspiration come from? My muse is travel and opening myself up to new experiences, talking to new…

Get Stuff Done™

One of the greatest things in life is enjoying satisfying work. Something you can come home from and feel good about doing or completing. For some this might involve volunteering where there is a need, or running a business focused on a passion of theirs. And of course it doesn’t…

A love letter

Joe’s blog post really got me thinking. It’s hard to believe I’ve been at EMRL for almost three years. Three years ago, I was a newbie to Sacramento and very unhappy at my current job. EMRL, specifically Stephen and Floyd, saved me when they decided to hire me. I never…

Board games are cool

One of my talents in life is being able to absorb historical information like a sponge. The other part of this is I have a relentless need to share the information that I have learned with the world. So here you go. Buckle up buckeroo. Recently, I learned the history…

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Our clients challenge us every day to create the best work on the planet. Pictures?


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