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Hello, we have more jobs

Well, what started as a need to fill in for a designer on maternity leave has turned into a need to hire two new permanent, full-time designers! We want to hire someone who is a problem solver, a thinker, and a storyteller. We want to hire someone that understands that advertising…

Looking for a designer

Hello! We’re looking to short-term hire another designer while Whitney is out on maternity leave! Sound interesting? Good. Here’s what you’ll be helping out with: assisting in design and production of print and digital advertising, marketing, and brand assets working with basic html for email campaigns retouching images assisting with staging…

Things I didn’t know before working at EMRL

I have been working at EMRL for almost 3 years. Although it certainly does not feel like that much time has passed, I have learned so much while working here. 10 Things I have learned at EMRL: When someone says “I heard them say that the stock market is going…

Forgotten, but not gone

Many years ago Stephen and Floyd let me store my drum kit up in the EMRL attic. We all played them now and then, but eventually they became forgotten. Time passed and I rarely ever thought of my drums. During the forgotten years pigeons broke in to the attic. In…

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