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EMRL* is a privately-held advertising, design, and development agency. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

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The trouble with touch screens

Touchscreens are great, but right now my productivity is down by 12.75%.

Come on nerds, let’s build stuff

You should be able to quickly learn new languages and code patterns, interested in latest technologies and best coding practices, wanting to work in a fun (crazy) environment, totally up for being challenged to code crazy things, super organized, philosophical in your approach to life and work, able to work…

SF Store Opens Today! Congratulations Ginger and Tom!

Their goal was always to open a store in San Francisco and almost exactly ten years after Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates opened in mid-town Sacramento we are so excited to see them expanding their into one of our favorite cities.

Star shine, moon glow you’re all that I can call my own

I ❤ my work and how it works, and every year when it starts turning to autumn and I can feel the end of the year coming, I like to troll our shop’s project management system and run lots of different work reports to see how we’ve grown and changed.…

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