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A love letter

Joe’s blog post really got me thinking. It’s hard to believe I’ve been at EMRL for almost three years. Three years ago, I was a…

In which I was suddenly reminded we operate a radio station

We have been running an internet radio station called Culture Failure for a number of years. It mostly just kinda runs and doesn’t need much…


Sometimes I like to noodle around on instruments while I’m thinking. It used to be a Takamine 12 string acoustic guitar with only 6 strings…

Easy like a friday morning

I’ve never had good taste in music. It’s something I’ve gotten over being ashamed of and now I accept it as a fact of life,…

Grab Your Magic Lamp

One of the locals came into our shop early the other morning, and dropped off a mysterious envelope and earnestly asked me to give it…


Every day I walk one of two routes to work. One route is dirty and has heavy traffic (both pedestrian and automobile.) The other route…


Over the weekend, the Northern California Experimental Music Festival happened. I shot three photos. I wish I shot more.

Minty Green Freshness

Got the film back from the lab for the Northern California Experimental Music Festival commercial. Cool pukey green color!

Hip Hop

Footage back from a project shot for Los Angeles hip hop artist Aceyalone. More info on Acey is available here and here.