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Feel free to contribute weird or cool music or images to Culture Failure.

Culture Failure

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slfadhsv at 5:48am on May 12, 2015ulrich schnaussages for breakfast. yum!
slfadhsv at 7:37pm on November 11, 2014Just got done watching Mr. Nobody - the soundtrack seems ripped right from the CF playlist.
slfadhsv at 2:13pm on November 06, 2014edit: working! (after clean install to an even older version of WinAmp Lite 5.1)
slfadhsv at 10:53am on November 06, 2014yep, did revert to the 10th ann. edition because I felt like it. The settings are the same, enable SHOUTcast support. oh well, at least there's current track info on the site. also, it's nice culturefailure.com re-directs here.
floyd at 9:09pm on November 04, 2014weird, works fine with winamp here, might be an old version though. works on my phone player too. also, yay for people that still use winamp.
slfadhsv at 8:47pm on November 04, 2014did you switch the stream's server? track info is not showing up in winamp
floyd at 1:33pm on September 15, 2014finally got the culturefailure.com domain back ❤
Evelon at 5:38am on August 25, 2014Great music! Love it!
slfadhsv at 5:04am on August 14, 2014startin' the morning race with cf and a full serving of #seefeel
slfadhsv at 12:10pm on May 09, 2014wish i had picked it up on wax when they did the limited releases. #firstworldproblems
floyd at 9:24pm on May 07, 2014Their latest album is really good.
slfadhsv at 9:09pm on May 06, 2014thx 4 the new BoC trax, first time hearing them!
slfadhsv at 7:58pm on May 04, 2014correction: is in fact "why i'm so unhappy." :(
tom w8s at 10:43pm on April 20, 2014what's he BUILDING in there....?
slfadhsv at 10:42pm on April 20, 2014thx! 4 helping me find inner peace through #aphex_twin
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