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Feel free to contribute weird or cool music or images to Culture Failure.

Culture Failure

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floyd at 1:33pm on September 15, 2014finally got the culturefailure.com domain back ❤
Evelon at 5:38am on August 25, 2014Great music! Love it!
slfadhsv at 5:04am on August 14, 2014startin' the morning race with cf and a full serving of #seefeel
slfadhsv at 12:10pm on May 09, 2014wish i had picked it up on wax when they did the limited releases. #firstworldproblems
floyd at 9:24pm on May 07, 2014Their latest album is really good.
slfadhsv at 9:09pm on May 06, 2014thx 4 the new BoC trax, first time hearing them!
slfadhsv at 7:58pm on May 04, 2014correction: is in fact "why i'm so unhappy." :(
tom w8s at 10:43pm on April 20, 2014what's he BUILDING in there....?
slfadhsv at 10:42pm on April 20, 2014thx! 4 helping me find inner peace through #aphex_twin
slfadhsv at 10:02am on April 03, 2014shout out for #sukiyaki, 128k format mush mix sent!
slfadhsv at 11:22am on March 13, 2014and here I was thinking Sukiyaki was just another beef stew... -floyd, up'd a new image, it's a redux of a previous image, i call it culturefailure "on LS-double-D's"
cenoslave at 2:57pm on February 14, 2014Holy shit culture failure is still around? I used to listen to this back in like 2005(?) or so, discovered a lot of the bands I listen to now :)
The Glenn at 9:48pm on February 06, 2014Sukiyaki has special meaning here in Cali slfadhsv. And our 70 year old Nike missiles are still pointed at Japan, but its...okay now.
alex at 8:07am on January 30, 2014just wanted to say thanks for culturefailure... it's the best!
slfadhsv at 7:19pm on December 24, 2013this Christmas, I am thankful for culturefailure - drowning out the incessant white noise of a police state.
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