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Watson told me I am sensitive to ownership cost when buying automobiles

I have been been experimenting with using language analysis tools like IBM’s Watson when I’m writing stuff for clients, and on stuff they write too. I think this kinda thing is going to be more and more useful on the creative side of advertising, not just for copywriting but also…

I want a ticket to anywhere

I’m at that age where all my old friends from Missouri are getting married, having babies, and buying houses. It’s a path I’m not quite ready to take myself, but I’m happy for my friends that have made that leap. I’ve lived in California for a little over 2 years…

Hobbits and Disneyland

One fine summer, for my husband’s birthday, my best friend (who worked in Disneyland at the time) and I decided to surprise him with a trip to Disneyland. We first bumped into our friend Sean (you might know him as Sean Astin; he stars in popular films such as The…

How to Speak Australian

It’s been almost three years since I’ve moved to Sacramento from Sydney. It’s pretty amazing how quickly time flies, and I think I’ve assimilated to the American culture pretty well. But every so often, I find myself stuck with the same issue over and over again. People just don’t understand…

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