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We’re hiring again

So yeah, it’s been a while since we posted. Too much stuff to make, too little time. Anyhow we’re looking to hire two new people to help us make more cool stuff; a designer, and an accounts assistant. If you’re interested you can get all the details at

If you think you know someone that may be a good fit, feel free to pass this along. Thanks!

  • I’d like to introduce myself as I have just re-located back to Sacramento and am available for freelance/employment opportunities. I‘m confident my experience will complement the great work you do.

  • Hi I’d like to introduce myself my name is Chris and I’m a recent college graduate of Sacramento State University with a bachelor’s in sociology and a minor in psychology. I conducted a large amount of systematic and ethnographic research on various U.S. populations during my undergraduate career ranging from various demographics’ consumption of luxury goods to voting propensities in various socio-economic groups and many other recognized meta-analyses on Californians. I am introducing myself because I have reviewed information on EMRL, and it appears to me that many aspects of the company and it’s presence in the community are exactly in line with what I’d like to do. If i can ever answer any questions about my qualifications, experience, or availability, then I look forward to speaking with you =)

  • This is Duane Leinan from years past. Still about me, Im still on the creative side, music , creating that Apple Core. aspects of things. I own CARTOON ART. witch is the concept of APPLE CORP. We create the concept of music, film , art, and try to help the local community with projects of this sort. Its kinda like the VOID stuff you and I did in the 1980 S. Hope to here from you. You can contact me at or at 916-289-6842 .

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