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Well that was fun

We made it back from our Redwoods trip. It was super fun. We went on some hikes, sat around campfires, visited a cheese factory, and didn’t talk much about work. I made everyone Corpse Revivers too.

It was pretty fun being able to share one of my favorite areas of California with the people I work with.


Some epic trees along the Avenue the Giants

I didn’t get many pictures from the trip. I was too busy enjoying the moment to dig out the camera.


A cool hike

This tree was born before 1000AD

This tree was born before 1000AD

Nothing beats chainsaw carvings of bigfoot

Nothing beats chainsaw carvings

All in all, it was an awesome experience. Muse didn’t make it very easy to say goodbye though.


This is what it looked like when I said goodbye to Muse =(

She seems glad we’re all back to work. Our clients seem happy we’re back too, and that’s always nice to hear!

  • The company was outstanding (really, not just because I see them every day). Miranda Gardens is excellent. The little cafe across the street has great breakfast. The Corpse Revivers were very good. The hikes were fun. Horseshoes was fun. Allan and David told good stories. The cheese factory wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Mechelle and I chose a bad road home, it was 2 hours of car-hell.

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