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We finally got business cards

We’ve been out of business cards for a long time. Maybe 3 years. That’s a long time to keep saying “uh… we’re out of business cards” when clients or potiential clients need them. About a year ago I had finally decided to make new ones, and before I even began the design, I labored over what paper stock we’d use.

The cost of a single business card with this paper went up to something like 1.60 USD each.

At the time, I wanted our cards to leave a tactile impression, more than a visual one. After a very long search, I found this incredible Italian paper that felt like a brash sort of felt, or maybe velvet. Incredible stuff. What’s more, the paper company’s sales rep liked us and offered to give us this (incredibly expensive) paper for free! YAY!

Then, the bad news.

Our printer said this paper was “unique” to work with. Like, really, really unique. Like, they had to shut down their entire shop and and somehow accurately balance the humidity in there before they do a print run with this paper. With that, the cost of a single business card with this paper went up about 1000 times, to something like 1.60 USD each, that’s ummmm, a kind of high per-unit cost for business cards.

Stephen said “No.”

I cried about it for like 6 months. But at least we now had a cool antectode to tell people when they would inevitably ask “wtf, why don’t you have business cards???!”

Finally I got over it and we now have cards, and they are okay. Printed on nice heavy matte stock, and aggressively minimalist, like me. Yay!

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