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We are looking to hire a production designer who likes cats.

We want to hire someone who understands that design is storytelling, folk art, and applied philosophy all rolled up in a ball, and designers are the fuzzy kittens playing with it.

We want to hire someone that will fit into our workspace – we are an agency yes, but we are also a workshop. This means things get messy sometimes. And that’s ok.

As a production designer at EMRL you will get to do more than just execute designs. You will use both your technical and design skills to be a part of our clients’ success. More specifically, you’ll get to:

  • Collaborate with art director and the rest of the design team
  • Prepare and preflight final files based on supplied specifications for several types of production
  • Provide image touchup and manipulation
  • Package and preflight files for release to printers or media channels
  • Create files for print and client review
  • Prepare images for web and social
  • Create and manage email blasts
  • Catalog and reference art for future projects
  • Follow development timelines
  • Troubleshoot problems as they arise
  • Ask questions, learn a ton, be part of a fun working environment

This is an on-site position. We are located in Glorious Downtown Sacramento.


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