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Touch the Egg

If you hang out around Down/Midtown you must have noticed those parking things, the thingies that replaced parking meters locally.

Not long before the solarpoweredparkeonofthefuturethings came, new digital parking meters replaced the old classic wind-up mechanical ones. Cool, whatever. But then shortly after that (the new digital meters were FAR from worn out), these Parkeon things start appearing. I can’t help but think there was some wasted city money involved in that equation but whatever, I’m sure the City Parking People know more than me. About parking.These things, made by a company called “Parkeon” (brilliant name) are solar powered (cool), let you pay with change other than quarters (cool), and spit out a bunch of printed sticker paper at you every single time you use them – not so cool. And Parkeon’s slogan is “Create Harmony for Your City.” And seeing these crappy stickers littered about the city is just swell. Yay. But that’s only the beginning of the rant…

All that said, I never would have seen fit to write about this except for one issue really. Even though the waste of paper is atrocious, the real issue is THE CRAPPY SIGNAGE. What the Holy Mother of God is up with the iconography in these signs. Every time I see these things, I wonder why they are demanding me to TOUCH THE EGG.

There’s a certain heroism in refining an idea down to its utmost core for use in city signage, but WOW there’s not much heroic about these signs – they are lazy, ugly, and don’t communicate their message well. I’m thinking they must have been designed by some sort of wacky committee, kinda like what you see in corny yet somehow appropriate video.

Anyhow, end of rant for now. Sorry I blew up.

  • Yep, not living there, I would have to say the some member who voted for these thingies must have a vested interest in the company that makes them.  I would consider, through the freedom of information act, find out who voted for these and look into the investments of such individuals that sat on the board to bring these into Sac when the old ones are just fine.  At least the old ones do not puke up paper after being feed and liter the streets with paper that is purchased. Wonder who the company is that supplies those little tickets.   Now I am pissed, I better get a plane ticket and come out and investigate this matter!!!!!

  • There should be a special jail for “Wacky Committee People” and extra classes should be forced upon the designers involved, who can not argue against the Wacky Committee People.

  • i think they live in Dante’s 8th level of hell, in the ditch with the perpetually burning fraudulent consulta-i ,mean advisors.

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