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Things I didn’t know before working at EMRL

I have been working at EMRL for almost 3 years. Although it certainly does not feel like that much time has passed, I have learned so much while working here.

10 Things I have learned at EMRL:

  1. When someone says “I heard them say that the stock market is going to crash.” or “They say to wear a scarf in the winter so you don’t catch a cold” one should respond with
    “Who’s they? The Wonder Bread Factory?” Yes, it is really the Wonder Bread factory who is the they.
  2. Do that thing that terrifies you the most.
  3. Do that thing that terrifies you the most. I was terrified of doing basic html coding when I first started. Now, it’s one of the things I enjoy working on the most although I don’t always get a Bionic Proofer at the end.

    Bionic Proofer
    The Bionic Proofer that Joe sends to me when I have made a blast that proofs 100% in all email clients.
  4. We have really cool clients. Each client has a unique specialty that has taught me a lot about what they do and changed the way I think about their field.
  5. Floyd makes delicious cocktails. Even our clients know it.
  6. If your college or institution tells you that designers don’t use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and the like, although that might be mostly true but you’d better learn it. Most clients use it and you need to be able to make cool things for them to show off how cool they are to their clients.
  7. Australia sounds like the best place to live. They have everything figured out from gun and drug control to PTO. 9/10 websites and designs I have looked at in the AUS are so beautiful compared to the majority here in the US. Although you would have to get used to their spiders and flying cockroaches.

    The city of Melbourne’s design. The identity is seen through color, forms, facets, and structures.
  8. Prior to EMRL I worked in the cosmetic industry to pay for school. It really paid off for me in more ways than one because I feel like I can develop color palettes with more ease since I relate the colors to using them cosmetically.
  9. Typography is beautiful. I had a teacher once who was so passionate about letterform and counters in type. At the time, I didn’t appreciate it. Since being at EMRL, I have realized that when using typography appropriately, it really is a breath of fresh air. Especially when you see a typeface with a beautiful terminal, balanced x-height or a bowl that is especially appealing.
  10. Learn how to make paragraph styles and character styles flawlessly in Indesign. It will save you 100 years if you need to change anything.
  11. Actually the ampersand in a clients logo was the ampersand I used in my wedding invitations from 2015. When we were designing this clients logo, we were looking for a very elegant and classy way to combine the patisserie and bakery. So I drew inspiration from my wedding invitations. I love seeing it in our agency. I know this isn’t something I learned here, but it is something you just learned.


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