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The Unbearable Weirdness of Being

A few nights ago I was walking home late. Like 2:30 in the morning late, which I guess is so late it’s really more early than late. Anyhow… I was walking home down J street and I ran into Ground Chuck, an old friend from around town.  This footage is some hand-developed 16mm stuff I shot of him a few years ago.

Chuck and I went to high school together and I still remember the day he showed up at school with the tallest mohawk I had ever seen.

Tourette’s Syndrome combined with being a full-time punk rock icon make Chuck a pretty interesting guy to talk to – plus I hadn’t seen him in a while so I stopped and we chatted.  He told me about his band and was having great fun playing with language and rhyme during our talk – saying things like “I went to the Hard Rock and had the Spaghetti Lee with the Alex Lifesaver for desert”.

When it was time to go, we gave eachother hugs and I continued my walk home. How weird and fun those quiet, strange-late hours can be…. Thanks Chuck :)

  • I wonder how many bands this guy has formed over the years? It’s like watching a living version of the movie ‘Slackers’ everytime you run into him! Chalk it up Chuck.

    • I bought the DVD but I probably won’t buy the Bad 25 box set. I refuse to keep buying the same music over and over. My favorite new song is Song Grove a/k/a Abortion Papers I think it should be released as a si;.ge&#8230n.lthe rest of the new songs are just okay imo……I do wish they would play some of them on the radio though.

  • He’s hurtin busted hip I’ve been a friend of his for 20 ++++years . Great guy strong soul. Hope he get up soon . Love yah Ground T. Chuck

    • Fy søren for en fart du blogger i dag da frÃ!ken¸!!!Du er sÃ¥ utrolig dyktig til Ã¥ ta portrett bilder du,og skjønner jo at det blir mange av ungene.For hvuilken stolt mor knipser ikke vilt av sine barn?? Jeg gjør det ihvertfall:) kos deg med mere blogging,det høres ut som det kommer en 46 bilder til idag,gleder meg:) Klem Eva

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