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The Quality of Light

I can see it when the sun is setting – the quality of light is very special this time of year. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it seems like the shadows are longer than normal, the yellow/orange color of sunset is a bit off, a little more intense. Maybe its all in my head. Maybe it’s just a Sacramento thing.  Shrug.

I can’t wait for Autumn, Summer is driving me nuts.Every year this type of light tells me that summer is dying, and its great. For me anyhow (some people seem to like summer but they are freaks and not relevant to this post.)

Anyhow, I rummaged through some of our old footage and I found the little snippet above. I shot it at this time of year, a few years ago, and it kind of captures the mood of the light I’m talking about.

  • You guys are “freaks”, with your summer hating attitude. The brain needs the sun-rays, otherwise we all would kill each other, don’t you know that?! Goooosh.

  • I too am looking forward to Fall & Winter!  But these last days of summer are the most pleasant of the season.

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