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Thanks guys

Okay, my first blog post for EMRL. I’m going to knock this out easy. Ya, no.

I am in my eleventh writing hour and my third day of writing and rewriting. Building and destroying. Every time I awoke the last few nights this blog post was on my mind. SO you know what? I finally know what I want to say…

I want to say thank you to Stephen and Floyd. These guys have helped me out a lot through the years, and so this is the perfect place to start.

I work with an awesome group of people every day and I like it a lot.

The first time I met Floyd was on the eve of their move-in party for the EMRL at 1020 10th Street. I had been chosen from a production class at Cosumnes River College to intern as a camera assistant on an independent short film called ‘Lily’. So I went downtown to meet the cinematographer I was going to work with. He was busy setting up the bar, and anyone who knows him knows that Floyd setting up a bar is it’s whole own thing. But anyway, he took some time out from that to show me the camera room and some of the film gear in the back.

I met Stephen later on the set of Lily. We were shooting in a cramped space inside a little grocery store over in Locke. This guy appeared suddenly on set and was standing too close to the camera. This was not okay. Who was this guy in sunglasses, with his stainless-steel Eddie Bauer coffee mug standing way too close to the camera? I asked him if he could please step back out of the camera area, to which he replied “You don’t know who I am, do you? I bought this camera”.

Ok. You can stand there.

So that’s how I met these guys. That was 15 years ago.

I have come and gone from the EMRL many times, but two things have remained consistent throughout. Whenever I leave, no matter for how long or for what reason – Stephen always finds me and keeps after me to come back. And when I do, Floyd is always there – same old Floyd…patient and ready to keep going and teach me more new things.

Today I work at EMRL in the area of web support. I work with an awesome group of people every day and I like it a lot.

So, thanks guys.

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  • Floyd, you picked a really good picture for this. Bryan Darling (pictured center) is the guy who came to CRC and brought me over in the very beginning. I thank him too.

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