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Sweet Domains

So Tory (my lovely fiancè) and I were celebrating our 2 year anniversary last night by having dinner at Bandera (which was delicious, by the way). On our way to the restaurant, we saw this. It got me to thinking…I wonder if the domain name ‘’ is taken? Unfortunately, it is, HOWEVER, is still available! That got this list going of wacky domains that would be fun to own. because that phrase is one of my pet peeves and is already taken :( this one is more for Floyd for tory because EVERYTHING, yes, everything is better on a stick! Inspired by a bumper sticker I saw. Incidentally, while doing research for this post, I found this great website. Don’t you just LOVE their Obama-kahs?!?!

what sweet domains do you wish you owned?

p.s. fiancè has two e’s when referring to the female party, and only one when referring to the male. I looked it up.

  • I bought Sacvibe a while back, then Tahoevibe and then about 30 more vibe sites from Miami to – well, my brother did, so I guess he’s raking in the “free” money.  But I’m not much into squatting, more into building which is why i keep Sacvibe alive and Tahoe too.

  • or would be nice. I’m not really sure, if this fits into the “Wacky” domain area but I felt like posting it anyway.

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