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Route 66

Checked into an interesting place along Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona. The El Trovatore.


Just the kind of stuff you want to run across while you’re on a road trip.

The check in process was something awesome: the owner of the motel loved to talk and he shared stories about everything from local history, his wife’s love for the golden age of Hollywood, and the fact that his father was a survivor of WWII German concentration camps. His wife shared stories too; she is excited about a particular Jean Harlow movie and it’s inspiring her to redecorate some of the motel rooms.

The motel owners just recently restored the neon on their tower-sign.  It looked pretty glamorous at night!

El Trovatore Motel Tower

There’s also random paintings of things like Betty Boop on the outside walls the motel.


Just the kind of stuff you want to run across on road trips.

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