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Queen of Hats

This is a momentous occasion…my first real blog post! Let me begin by introducing myself and telling you how I spent my summer vacation.

My name is Erica, and I’ve been working at EMRL for almost exactly a year and a half now (time for another raise, Stephen!). My job “title” varies on a daily basis. Since we’re a small company, we all have to juggle many tasks. I’ve always wanted to make a list of job titles that my work encompasses, and now is my chance. These are some of the hats I may wear on any given day:

Graphic Designer (try explaining to someone what THAT means)
Web Designer
Cartographer (really)
Dishwasher (on occasion, when I’m feeling frisky)
Coffee Fetcher (I’m super pro at this one)
Photo Editor
Mind Reader

and when we’re shooting a commercial:
Hair and Makeup Artist

Do you think i could fit all that on a business card?

  • considering i got this message from one of our clients just last night, “Stephen…just want you to know…Erica is THE BEST!” (her caps, not mine), i guess it is time for a raise. i have forwarded your query to the emrl pay-raise department for review — when the requisite forms arrive, make sure to press harder they’re in triplicate.

    go erica!!

  • nice picture, mah, and unfortunately the raise has been revoked due to the fact that the wedding and mortgage will be paying for themselves

  • Congrats on those non existing summer vacation of yours. You should appreciate it. There is nothing worse, but to have too many vacation (another reason why I moved away from a country that has a holiday or two every month. Yuck!)

    And YES you could fit all that on a business card. Just use 4pt Universe Condensed and kern it to -500 or so.

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