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Pull this dumpster over, I’m getting off

It feels super weird not spending today getting ready for the NYE party we like to host each year… but in any event, best wishes for everyone in 2021!


  • happy new year, floyd + stephen! hope you and yours got through 2020 safely. dumpster is right! plus fire. : )

  • Floyd, Glenn – still listening. It’s like the further we go down this pandemic rabbit hole the deeper I find relevency in the playlist. Great modifications over the last few years. Dig the total ambience – great acid music.

  • The desktop had spent the last few years in storage, which was my only way of listening to cf. It took a few more years to find a streaming app after the death of winamp, but now
    I listen on the tablet andcan not express how much it means to me to have a constant in life right now. so glad it’s here, and that you kept the gallery going

  • also, i know it is random, but the best part is when it played a good solid block of BoC like last Friday night- could have sworn you were tinkering with the order.

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