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Bob Shallit’s Business Column in the Sacramento Bee features a mention of our recent commercial.

By Bob Shallit — Bee Staff Writer
Published October 30, 2002

Breakout ads: The League of Women Voters isn’t exactly known for its edgy advertising. But it’s breaking new ground with a public-service spot now running across the state.

The 30-second ad, produced by Sacramento firm EMRL Media Group, shows a man at a fine restaurant anticipating a feast, then being served a dish featuring a tennis shoe covered with tomato sauce. The voice-over suggests you wouldn’t go out to eat and order without a menu. That’s followed by a scene where a man attempts to bowl — without a ball.

The spot’s message: You don’t want to vote without getting the full skinny on the issues and candidates from the league’s Web site at

The clever ad was done for a pittance by EMRL so it could build its portfolio. “We got some exposure and a chance to experiment,” says Floyd Diebel, co-founder with Stephen Chuchel of the year-old downtown agency. The league, meanwhile, ended up with a talker ad.

So, what does EMRL stand for? “Nothing,” Diebel says with a laugh. “It’s kind of postmodern.”

This is an excerpt from the original article.

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