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Today’s my last day at the Erm – I’m headed off to college at San Jose State. So bittersweet!

I’m going to miss this place a lot, as well as all of our clients. It’s been a pleasure working with all of you.

I’ve learned a lot through building (and breaking) all of your websites.

I’ve learned a lot through building (and breaking) all of your websites, and a lot of other things. Like, don’t make eye contact with the crazy-looking bums downtown. Don’t try to go to Starbucks at 3 in the afternoon, when all the state workers are trying to avoid actually doing any work. Also, don’t drive down here. Not ever. And stay out of Old Sac after dark.

I sincerely hope you’ve all enjoyed the ride as much as I have.

You’ll be in capable hands with our new web developer, Sam Gammon, who should be along to introduce himself shortly.

See y’all at the apocalypse.

  • It sounds like this guy and i learned the same things at work despite having totally different jobs!

  • Good Luck Mathew, The Erm was Lucky to have a guy like you!!!! Best wishes. It was a pleasure to have met you when I came out a year ago or so!!!

  • Wow, it’s been so long since you’ve returned my calls or conversed at length that I didn’t even know you had a new intern. And now he’s leaving to go to an alma mater of mine. Good luck Matthew the intern. They’ve got a great graphic design program there.

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