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An Ode to Vivian

Actual things I said prior to hiring Vivian:

  • “I’m not making room in the bathroom for another girl’s stuff.”
  • “You guys better not pick anyone skinnier than me.”
  • “I like being the only woman. Don’t hire any more women. I am the Queen Bee.”


(Actual meme Vivian has sent to me)

Actual things that have been said by Vivian and I, lifted from our Skype convos:

  • “Vivian, that’s why you’re my favorite”
  • “SNAP Atta girl, Vivian.”
  • “I don’t know what we’d do without you”
  • “We know who the smart one around here is”
  • “Be calm, honey bunny.”
  • “If we’re adopting you as our youngest sibling, you need to accept the pain.”
  • “I love you so hard vivian.”
  • “I’m not taking you to pee.”
  • “Don’t you worry Vivian, I will protect you.”
  • “you’re still my hero! aka more helpful than all the guys in the office combined”

Brian calls us each other’s names. Also, sometimes we dress alike. <3


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