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Nostalgia and wanderlust

Recently, I was able to bring our ancient medium format film scanner back from the dead, and so I had a little fun scanning some old forgotten negatives.


There was one roll of film I dug up that I especially enjoyed seeing again. It was from a road trip I took through Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and the Nevada desert. The plan was to stop at various thrift stores and flea markets along the way and try to score some vinyl.

The best find of the trip was an obscure record by Walter Wanderley who always inspires Wanderlust (see what I did there) and some of those test albums that people used to use to check how awesome their super-sonic “hi-fi” systems were.

This road trip was more than a hunt for vinyl though, it was simply a fun, weird journey.


I saw odd building remnants in Death Valley that made no sense at all.


I watched my friend Glenn quietly contemplate the Nature of Things™ while the sun set Instagramly in the distance.


I witnessed the glory that is morning rush hour traffic in Barstow, CA.

Seeing these images again (yes, even the one of Barstow) makes me want to hop in my car and drive. I think it’s that time again, yep.

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