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None of us are sitting still

Welcome. It’s the start of what will surely be another surreal week.

Each day that passes during this virus I’m more and more grateful that, as an advertising agency, EMRL has been able to roll with all of this lockdown stuff pretty well. Everybody on our team is snuggled up safely at home and is still able to work.

Some of our clients don’t have it so easy, especially those who are in retail and food service. We’ve been doing our best to help them through this awkward time as best we can, but we can only do so much. It all comes down to them, their drive, their product offering, and the support of their customers.

We’d love it if you’d consider supporting some of our retail, food, and service clients; a few of which are shown below. We believe each of them are the best at what they do in Sacramento, and they could use the support while we’re all in lockdown.

Temple Coffee has ramped up their online ordering and is offering some nice discount codes right now.

Ginger Elizabeth launched free delivery in Sacramento and is personally driving chocolates to her customers to help them survive their lockdown at home.

Abatin Wellness is doing their best to help everyone get their cannabis and CBD stuff and stay chill with online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery.

PURPOSE is a midtown boutique that’s grown their online shop to keep them going through the lockdown, and a bit of every purchase gets donated to a cause of the customer’s choosing.

Magpie is closed for now but their online store is offering fun swag and giftcards you can use when they reopen.

Grounded is the coolest quasi-real estate agency we’ve ever run across, and during lockdown they’re focusing on building community through online video meetups and events. Check out the schedule on Facebook.

Navigating the days ahead.

As of now, EMRL is taking things day by day. We want to make sure we keep ourselves, our clients, and everyone else we might potentially come in contact with safe, and so we will continue working from home until confirmed data starts indicating that things are healthy once again.

Take care, and stay well :)

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