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Meditations in an emergency

Imagine what an astronaut on the moon must feel like, crossing the terminator from daylight into night.

One minute in bright sunshine, the next minute in shadow, temperature dropping by hundreds of degrees.

One minute hoarding toilet paper and overdosing on reality television, the next minute buildings are burning and glass is shattering.

One minute corporations are screaming that the most heroic thing we can do during this global pandemic is to buy more shit, because these brands are “here for you” and “we’re in it together.”

The next minute people are dying on the pavement. People are being shot in the face with rubber bullets. People can’t breathe.

Some of us have spent half of 2020 in lockdown. Others are locked down their entire lives. That’s messed up.

This is one of the most important moments of the last 50 years (maybe longer) and the way we respond to it as a society really matters. Children will be raised in a world that is formed and informed by what we do next.

So let’s take a minute, check our premises, and do the right thing.

That’s it.

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