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I made an analog mess

Today I got to make a mess at work. Even more messy than my usual mess. A big happy sketchy drawing mess with paint and water colors and a lotta lotta pieces of paper.

It's a mess. A fun mess. Yay mess.

It’s a mess. A fun mess. Yay mess.

The only problem is my analog mess always ends up becoming a digital mess that takes me forever to finish.

After much testing, I’ve determined it’s a bad idea to put still-wet paintings in a scanner.

I end up drawing and painting everything in little chunks, waiting for the paint to dry (It’s officially a bad idea to put wet watercolors in a scanner) and then Frankensteining them together after way too much futzing about. This simple little sketch had about 30 layers of stuff.

I should probably try harder to get things exactly how I want the first time without needing all the layering of bits together, but I don’t think that would be quite as fun – and it definitely wouldn’t be as messy.


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