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We are looking for a brilliant designer just like you

Just because we’re in the middle of an apocalypse doesn’t mean we don’t need another designer. ‘Cause we do.

We’re looking for a brilliant designer just like you. But before you tell us more about who you are, let us tell you who we are. It’s only fair. Then you can decide if our shop sounds like a good fit.

We try our best to be socially and culturally responsible in the work we do, and to us that means cultivating a belief system and sticking to it each and every day.

We believe in the power of intellectual curiosity; asking why, discovering the answer, and building brand stories from there.

We believe in being honest about our flaws and strengths, admitting when we are wrong (or simply don’t know) and learning from it.

We believe in focusing on battles we can win; working only with organizations when we know we can contribute, make a difference, and succeed.

There’s more but I don’t want this to be a total TL;DR so let’s get on with it.


Hello, you.

You are a problem solver. You like to tell stories. You create understanding where there is none. You understand that anything created is design. You think. You are.

You want a designer job in a fun little downtown agency that has some really great clients. You want to work with design in print, online, and experience. You want room to grow into more responsibility, maybe Art Director sounds good.

You want to get your hands dirty. You appreciate the mess.

You probably know how to use all those design programs that everyone uses, but you refuse to let them dictate your results. Adobe is not the boss of you.

You understand how design can be storytelling, folk art, applied philosophy, a moment in time, or a chair. And you embrace that. You want to be challenged. You want to excel.

You sound like a cool person, nice to meet you!

A couple of things.

It’s weird hiring during all this COVID crap but we’re doing it anyways.

Most of the EMRL crew are back to working in the shop full time, and we are taking precautions to make sure we don’t catch each other’s cooties; consider this an on site position, not remote.

If you have any questions about that feel free to include them along with your application, or give us a shout or leave a comment below.

Still here?

You made it this far, actually read all this, and are still intrigued? Now we really want to meet you!



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