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Like, whoa!

I really hope bad things don’t come in threes, because if they do, it means I’m in for another car accident soon. Back in August I was in the first accident of my life (yes, really), and then on Wednesday I got into another one.

I blame RT. You see, I intended on taking the bus to work that day. I got to the bus stop around 9:31…the bus is supposed to come at 9:35. Well, it seems it was early that day and I had missed it. After waiting around for about 15 minutes, I walked back to the house to get my car.

So I’m driving on Stockton near UC Davis and I’m stopped at the light at 39th Street. I glance in my rearview, and notice a pick-up truck coming up on me super fast. Oh sh**. The truck was able to stop in time, but a couple seconds later I got hit. The guy behind the pick-up couldn’t stop on time, hit pick-up, and pushed pick-up into my car. My car was fine and I am fine (although my neck is a tad sore).

Unfortunately, pick-up guy wasn’t doing so hot. He’s gonna live, but he seemed like the kind of guy that couldn’t really afford to miss work and can’t work with a neck brace on either. I hope he’s OK.

Funny side note. The officer taking my statement asked if the damage to the side of my car was from the accident.

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