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Star shine, moon glow you’re all that I can call my own

I ❤ my work and how it works

Every year when it starts turning to autumn and I can feel the end of the year coming, I like to troll our shop’s project management system and run lots of different work reports to see how we’ve grown and changed.

As of today, we’ve logged 5,312 different tasks. Thank you, clients, you’re the best :)

I wrote about this way back in 2012, and at that point was amazed that we had logged time on 1,378 unique tasks. Five years later, we are up to 5,312. That’s pretty cool.

That number becomes more interesting after taking a look at how the different types of work we’re doing has changed. Here’s a look at the last 5 years:


While there’s a general trend of more work happening, it’s easy to see how development (coding, UI/X, apps) has gone up within the total workload. Seeing it visualized like this is interesting; it’s gone up much more than I expected.

There’s also an annoying dip in design work in 2015. That was the result of a capacity thing, we were short in the art department for a while. Doh.

So anyway…

Data visualization is always fun (yeah I said that) but I think it’s especially fun when the data means something to you personally. It’s really neat to see how we’re evolving, and it’s cool to have clients that are pushing us to evolve.

I can’t wait to plot 2018’s data! Meanwhile, I’d better get back to work.

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