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How to speak australian

It’s been almost three years since I’ve moved to Sacramento from Sydney. It’s pretty amazing how quickly time flies, and I think I’ve assimilated to the American culture pretty well. But every so often, I find myself stuck with the same issue over and over again.

People just don’t understand me.

For example, when I take phone calls, I have to sometimes quickly switch to my American accent if they keep asking me to repeat what I’m saying. I admit it’s not the best accent, but it definitely helps get me by.

But the real kicker is when I have a regular conversation with someone, I will drop in an Aussie slang nonchalantly, not realizing it’s a word that’s not used here.

So I thought it would be pretty cool to share some Aussie words that everyone can start using.

Arvo – Afternoon
Bogan – White Trash
Budgie Smuggler – Men’s Speedo swimming trunks
Cuppa – Hot beverage, usually tea
Durry – Cigarette
Exxy – Expensive
Goon – Box Wine
Hard Yakka – Hard Work
Maccas – Mc Donald’s
Rellos – Relatives
Ripper – Fantastic
Sanger – Sandwich
Servo – Gas Station
Sickie – Sick Day
Stubby – Bottle of Beer

Now to put your newly found knowledge into practice…

Let’s chuck a sickie in the arvo so we don’t have to see the bogan rellos for a cuppa, but instead drive to the servo to pick up some durries and stubbies and then we should swing by maccas for a not-so exxy sangar. It’ll be a ripper that we don’t have to do any hard yakka and see uncle Jim drinking his goon by the pool with his budgie smugglers.

Next time you have a conversation with an Aussie, you’ll be totally prepared. You’ll also totally get those extra brownie points in calling them your mate.

And to prevent any embarrassment, we like our lamb on the barbie (not shrimp, we call them prawns) and nobody in Australia drinks Fosters. Not even the bogans.

And yes, there really is a Bogan Street.

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