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How much trash…


…does parking downtown generate?

I wonder how much waste is generated by these things.

Almost every time someone parks on a curbside downtown they are forced to buy one of these tickets and stick it in their window. Many parking spaces are 1 hour parking, so they often need to buy another, and another, and another.

I wonder how much waste is generated by these things. I’m not really exactly a green anti-corporate hippie exactly, but I find them littering our sidewalk a little too often and it really pisses me off. Classic parking meters weren’t futuristic enough I guess so our city adopted these trash generators wholesale.

Way to go Sacramento.

  • The People's Republic of Berkeley has done the same thing. It's annoying, and it generates waste. Also annoying, and I don't know if Sac has done the same thing, is that they have programmed these things for sizeable minimums. Just need to go to the ATM and want to cover your butt against the city's aggressive, everywhere-at-once metermaids for a few minutes? It will no longer cost you the nickel you used to put in but $0.50.

  • The new tickets are cheaper than the old meters, each of which needed to be manually serviced as they filled with loot. No worries tho, in a few months – after Sacramento sells the parking franchise to a private company to finance the new crony-socialist Kings Sports Monument – the loot will be going to a private company and Sacramento will need to find a replacement for the lost parking revenue.

    It’s all good. (right?)

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