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Gotta catch ’em all!

For the longest while, Ashley and I have been talking about Pokémon and how it was so nostalgic back in the good ‘ol days. I vaguely remember having a first generation Charizard card stashed somewhere in my parents’ shed back in Sydney.

It was 5:05pm. Ashley was egging me to go to Rite-Aid but I was completely hesitant.

“I can’t make decisions under pressure!”

It takes me a good 15 minutes to figure out what I want from a restaurant menu. Seriously – how could I even figure out which deck I want? What was going to be my strategy?

Who knew Rite-Aid had Pokémon cards? They’ve got everything!
Without another moment, I agreed and we rushed to Rite-Aid, eager to find some Pokémon cards.

We went to the toy aisle but they didn’t have any cards. We were pretty bummed. Being hopeful, Ashley asked if they stocked them and right there on an end cap, there they were. We both grabbed a box (I also grabbed another booster pack with Pikachu), and we went to the checkout.

With huge grins on our faces, the clerk asked whether we were buying these for kids.

“Nope! These are for us!”

We went our separate ways. Like an excited little kid on Christmas Day, I was eager to open my loot at home. After much anticipation, I opened the shiny foil packs.

I got a Mega Charizard Ex!!!


Mega Charizard, such a shiny and strong card. Oh look, there’s Pikachu too. Hi Pikachu!

This is one of the most epic cards that you could possibly get, ever. I also got some other pretty awesome cards too, a Yveltal Ex and a foil Delphox.

This morning, Joe approached us. “I overheard you guys the other day talking about a game, so I brought this.”

There in his hand was a Pokémon deck. We were both surprised. Joe acted so nonchalant even though it was an overpowered deck.

Looks like Ashley will be spending her lunch breaks teaching us Padiwans how to play. Fun times ahead!

  • Ya…I bought a XY Trainer Kit a couple years ago so my nephew and I could learn to play. We used it twice. It had been sitting at home gathering dust for awhile. I brought it in to show Ryu because he likes Digimon and by coincidence you guys were already heading down the Pokémon path. I won’t resist this fateful occurrence. I’m lookin forward to learning how to play the right way.

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