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Get Stuff Done™

One of the greatest things in life is enjoying satisfying work. Something you can come home from and feel good about doing or completing. For some this might involve volunteering where there is a need, or running a business focused on a passion of theirs. And of course it doesn’t just have to be one thing, we have the opportunity to enjoy many different forms of enjoyable work.

For me, one of those things is web development. I get to experiment with design, languages, formulas, data, and much more.

The web is a blank canvas and can be whatever we want it to be, it is naturally a creative environment.

Sometimes it can feel like a job of course, but mostly it feels like an opportunity to learn and think differently. Because the web is a blank canvas and can be whatever we want it to be, it is naturally a creative environment.

Literally, type about:blank or data:text/html, into your web browser address bar and you’ll see what every website begins as… much the same way a physical building or home begins, with a blank page ready to be turned into a floor plan and eventually a place to live or work or do whatever you want.

This little guy is going to grow up into a real website some day

With the web, there is always a new problem to solve. And everybody loves problems right? No? Well, solving these problems can actually be pretty fun. The premise: given a set of tools, how can we best accomplish this goal set before us?

It’s something pretty inherent to everyday life itself I suppose, but the web comes with more freedom and less consequences of screwing things up (unless you’re working on something that affects millions of people, then maybe there might be consequences).

Part of this problem solving, asking the question “How can we make this better?”, involves getting to know the tools available, and learning new ones. And with anything remotely computer related, there are always new tools.

Part of my day here at EMRL usually begins with checking out the latest news and articles regarding development trends and then thinking of ways we can incorporate them to improve our processes and make us better. It’s neat to see what pops up each week, what new idea or method of accomplishing a task becomes the new standard.

The web helps people get stuff done, and if we can help people get stuff done a little bit easier than yesterday, then I can go home satisfied and not feel bad about watching an entire season of The Office for the 50th time.


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