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I have an 8 year old niece (Liza), who is really into fairies right now. Completely understandable. I was into fairies at that age, too. I believed they existed. I grew up on the north coast, and whenever my sister and I saw a mushroom ring, we just KNEW that fairies were afoot. There is just something magical and special about a fairy.

I grew up on the north coast, and whenever we saw a mushroom ring, we knew that fairies were afoot.

Apparently there’s a new Disney movie out right now called Tinker Bell, starring Tink and her “fairy friends.” I personally haven’t seen it, but Liza’s crazy about it; and has decided to collect the fairy dolls. I sure as heck hope she’s not reading this because I’m about to spill some beans.

For Christmas, I bought her a couple of Tinker Bell’s friends (Iridessa and Rosetta). But I found the coolest thing: a nifty little jar of fairy dust on Etsy (probably the coolest website since Wikipedia). It’s the kind of thing I would have loved as an 8 year old girl…and I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning. Hooray!

  • Oι! єυ ѕσυ fã иυмєяσ 1 ∂α тιикєявєℓℓ, є α мιинα fανσяιтα é α Rσѕєттα. Eℓα ѕє ραяє¢є ¢σмιgσ!!

  • Yeah that’s real healthy deceive your child into believing in nonsense so when they get older they can find out everything you taught them was a lie, make sure to give her some more vaccines to and feed her some more genetically modified food and fluoride water, great job!

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