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Empathy, vigilance, acceptance, and action

Hey there. Last week was a rough one. This week will probably be rougher. We’re all going a little stir crazy.

All of us at EMRL are still working at full capacity, and while we had originally planned to be back into the offices tomorrow that obviously isn’t going to happen. We are taking things week by week and won’t be back in the shop until we’re sure everyone is physically, intellectually, and emotionally ready.

I am going to allow myself to ramble a little, I hope that’s ok because it’s going to happen in 3…2…1

Let the rambling begin

I spent the weekend mostly working, trying to catch up on things. I had planned to ride my bike, but it was a bit too rainy.

Sunday afternoon came, gave way to Sunday evening, and from my balcony I watched the sunset. And it was beautiful. I thought about how nice it is to think that anyone looking at the sky in that same moment was seeing through their eyes, the same sunset. A moment of connection.

It’s easy to let a notion like that run away from me though, creating a reliance on the sun always being there. Are we still connected, if there’s no sun?

It’s not Pearl Harbor. It’s not political, national, or philosophical. It just is.

I believe we are. If the sun suddenly disappears, we’re connected by having lived through its disappearance together; shared experience connects us.

This pandemic, this weird moment in time, I don’t think it’s fair to equate it to a war. It’s not Pearl Harbor. It’s not political, national, or philosophical. It just is. It demands of us empathy and vigilance, an acceptance of an impermanent universe, and ability to embrace change and act on it.

I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and sheltered, sharing and appreciating lovely moments together while we ride this out.

See you soon, and stay well.

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