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Easy like a friday morning

I’ve never had good taste in music. It’s something I’ve gotten over being ashamed of and now I accept it as a fact of life, but people always find it hilarious that I don’t.

When I was in my graphic design program I was notorious for listening to and singing along with Katy Perry and Adele while we were in our studios and labs. Of course, now that I am a professional I listen quietly at my desk with my giant headphones. If you walk in and I’m plugged in to my music, it’s not because I’m anti-social, it’s because I’m trying to spare you and my co-workers from my bad taste.

If I’m plugged in to my music, it’s not because I’m anti-social; it’s because I’m trying to spare you from my bad taste.

I was pretty sneaky about it when I started, I didn’t want Floyd to think I was uncool. But over time my proclivities for terrible music have surfaced and now it’s pretty well known, to the point where, after beckoning Floyd over to my desk to check a file I was working on, and having him see that Spotify was displaying a Miley Cyrus song I was listening to, Floyd just smirked and said, “huh.”

The nice thing, though, is that even though everyone in the office has different musical tastes, there are moments where we have intersections. For instance, Elizabeth and I have bonded over Taylor Swift, whereas Floyd and I both enjoy the music of Vangelis and Corey and I like The Black Keys. So it was a nice moment today when, during the middle of the work day Floyd cranked up the music so we could all listen to Easy by the Commodores. It was as if you could see the Venn diagram overlapping.

Some of us even sang along.


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