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Down the Rabbithole

We recently decided that it was time to hire someone to help on the account management side of the house.  The ‘creative’ side begged to help because they can’t resist.  So instead of just creating a boring Craigslist Ad, we decided to make it a little more challenging – finding candidates with the right combination of creativity and research/logic skills was proving difficult. Thus this application was born:

After people played the phone number spelling game and spilled their various stories (as requested in section 5) we selected a first round for interviews, whom we notified through email the day before Thanksgiving.


Then, because creative can’t resist, the candidates had to follow a stream of links, emails, QR codes, clues, texts, and back alleys to get to the question about when I would post my next Blog entry on our site.  If you can read this message, at least one person must have figured it out, congratulations! Hopefully the torture ends here, or not.

  • We are still interviewing a few more people but at least one person so far cracked the code. So many cool people applied though, making a final decision is really going to be a real challenge.

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