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I just really want to write about cats.

Cats are super rad and they are cooler than your mom on a winter’s day.

One has to ask though, why do cat people get such a bad rap? I don’t have any compelling arguments to change your preconceived notions about cats, but I do have some random cat things to share.

A known fact is that everything that is awesome, is cat. Even self proclaimed heavy metal fans are immense enthusiasts. Key and Peele are taking a stab at making a movie that is just about a man and his new cat.

Ashley and kitties


I wouldn’t consider myself a full blown cat lady, just someone that appreciates how wonderful these little furry friends are. I must mention that Whitney and I play this cat game on our phones. It isn’t weird or anything… just an app where we have kitties in a yard and feed them. These kitties serve as our own virtual Muse.

Muse is super cute and has stolen my heart.

Muse is our cat here at EMRL; she is super cute and has stolen my heart. I vow to someday get that little kitty to give me an epic cat hug. Alas, at this point, she does not take well to my affections. Someday Muse. Someday.

Today was that day.


Would you say that the struggle is real for her?

  • I think cats are awesome, and yes they do get a bad rap. But cats will always hold a special place in our hearts online. For some reason cats have taken over the internet. I cannot scroll through my Facebook without seeing at least one cat video. Even in 1894 Thomas Edison Studios filmed a “Boxing Cat” video, perhaps thats when the relationship between cat and video started. Anyway I like cats, and have even raised one for the past 17-19 years (not quite sure her age but she is a childhood cat that I still have).

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