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Great way to start a Monday. On one of the few days I’ve ever driven my car into work, some joker decides to steal our…

Inappropriate in the Workplace

A couple days last week I used our little junky video camera and shot some stuff around the shop… tested a kinda corny cartoon filter…

Queen of Hats

This is a momentous occasion…my first real blog post! Let me begin by introducing myself and telling you how I spent my summer vacation. My…

Like, whoa!

I really hope bad things don’t come in threes, because if they do, it means I’m in for another car accident soon. Back in August…

40 Under 40

Apparently Sacramento Magazine thinks I’m one of the New Generation of Power Players *cough* and featured a bit on me in their January Issue.

New Staff at EMRL!

We’ve got two new people working with us now and would like to introduce them. Erica (she was hired quite some time ago so this…

New Designers

EMRL would like to welcome Aster Tseng and Jonathan Mello, our new design interns! Welcome aboard!


We’ve placed a neat tour of the EMRL facilities online, available here.  More pictures will be added as time permits.

New Staff

Please welcome EMRL’s newest staff member, Sunny Sky. She’ll be working with us part-time in various capacities. She’s pretty cool, for a tea drinker. Woo…


After much trouble and pain, we are finally completely out of our old location.