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The Unbearable Weirdness of Being

A few nights ago I was walking home late. Like 2:30 in the morning late, which I guess is so late it's really more early…

My friend Jay got married!

On June 6 2004, Siobhan Olliges & Jay Truesdale were married at Asilomar State Park in Monterey, California. Just for fun, I shot pictures with…

J Street

Pictures from a walk down J street.

Hands in the Bucket…

[media id=5 width=458 height=344] Cool hand-processed 16mm footage of Ground Chuck, old school downtown punk rock icon.

Walking Around

More pictures of walking around downtown Sac.

The Neighborhood

More pictures from the neighborhood around the EMRL. I weighted the exposure toward the sky, so this batch of photos has an especially creepy, dark…