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Advertising is a struggle. I beat myself up on just about every project I’m involved with, because what I’m really trying to create is lasting…

Touch the Egg

If you hang out around Down/Midtown you must have noticed those parking things, the thingies that replaced parking meters locally. Not long before the solarpoweredparkeonofthefuturethings…

Chinese Press

Our television PSA for California Bicycle Coalition was covered in an article by Vicki Beaton for the World Journal, the largest Chinese daily newspaper in…

Ping Pong

This has got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. [media id=36 width=458] :O

The Death of Film

SALON.COM has a nice article on film and it’s alleged death here.


You know you’ve made it when you find your own work lying among bits of trash in the middle of a downtown intersection. Yay!  


Shot some slides on the set of a local independent feature called Reverb. It’s interesting to watch other crews work – these guys are shooting…

Life in Baghdad

Found an interesting blog written by a guy living in Baghdad. Read it.

The Story of Rural Health

Our documentary on health care in California’s rural areas premiered at the lovely Crest Theater in Sacramento. We travelled all over California, and shot over…