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A New Year

Happy new year! We had a small new year’s eve party here, and I took more Polaroids!

Polaroids are the Best

I got a neat Kiev 88 medium format format camera, with a Polaroid back, so I’ve been forcing all my friends to let me take…

Pretty Pictures

Some pictures from a shoot last weekend.  


Finally posted some really crazy photos from my trip to Cinegear with me 1st Assistant Cameraman Ken Hilmer. I shot these with a four-lens Sports…

Forgot About This Film Shoot

Found some old images from a shoot. This project was cool because it was almost entirely handheld, but I still haven’t seen this footage yet!

…but not forgotten.

My lovely cat, Fatima.


We had an impromptu party. Aunt Viv told stories, chain smoked, demanded to have her friends put in a commercial, and then passed out on…


Crazy fisheye photos, shot at New Helvetia with a Peleng 8mm lens bolted to my old Nikon F.

Welcome 2003

Happy new Year! News from 2002 is available here.

Mopey Photos

I took some more mopey hyper-grainy photos around Downtown Sacramento. I always forget how much I hate Ilford film, but everybody else likes it, so…