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So Joe

Joe came to fix our computers. Dressed like this. Rad.

Sushi + Enchiladas?

Say, wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a side of sushi with your enchilada combo meal? Well, that’s what my friend Jim is…


Happy New Year!


Over the weekend, the Northern California Experimental Music Festival happened. I shot three photos. I wish I shot more.

My friend Jay got married!

On June 6 2004, Siobhan Olliges & Jay Truesdale were married at Asilomar State Park in Monterey, California. Just for fun, I shot pictures with…

A New Year

Happy new year! We had a small new year’s eve party here, and I took more Polaroids!

Polaroids are the Best

I got a neat Kiev 88 medium format format camera, with a Polaroid back, so I’ve been forcing all my friends to let me take…

Pretty Pictures

Some pictures from a shoot last weekend.  


Finally posted some really crazy photos from my trip to Cinegear with me 1st Assistant Cameraman Ken Hilmer. I shot these with a four-lens Sports…

Forgot About This Film Shoot

Found some old images from a shoot. This project was cool because it was almost entirely handheld, but I still haven’t seen this footage yet!