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Expectation and longing

That was a long drive back from Texas. I’m ready to get back to work.

Austin TX, via everywhere else

Leaving tomorrow to drive to Austin, Texas to do industry research for a new client. And also stop at weird thrift stores along the way.…

To post? Or not to post?

When I first got hired here, I was told that writing these blogs was expected. And you know what? That’s cool. I actually like to…

What do you wear to meet EMRL?

When Stephen called me to schedule our first interview he told me, “you don’t need to dress up fancy; we’re not going to prom.” But…


The sky over EMRL is particularly beautiful this morning.

The Hunter

Living downtown means the stars are not really part of my everyday life – even a city the size of Sacramento manages to create enough…

A Quiet Milestone

I just realized, we opened our shop in April. 10 years ago. Wow.