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Minty Green Freshness

Got the film back from the lab for the Northern California Experimental Music Festival commercial. Cool pukey green color!

Great Western

Footage from the Great Western Mortgage shoot!

Addy Award Take Two

Our PSA for the California Youth Crisis Line has won a second ADDY at the District Level. As a result of this, it has been…

Atmosphere's Commercial

Finally got the footage for the Atmosphere spot back from the lab. This spot was shot on Super 35, and framed up for 2.35:1

Yet Again!

EMRL wins another television industry award! This time it’s a Telly Award, in the documentary category. The winning project is The Story of Rural Health,…

Crazy Advertising

Check out this crazy web advertisement I found.

Press Coverage

Bob Shallit’s Business Column in the Sacramento Bee features a mention of our recent commercial. Business By Bob Shallit — Bee Staff Writer Published…


35mm footage shot for Councilman Chris Cabaldon's commercial, and was shot with Agfa XT100, Fuji Velvia, and Kodak 5248 film.

Smart Voter

New footage back from the lab, shot for a public service announcement.


Yay! Film transfer of the California Youth Crisis Line commercial went well! Check out the crazy color on this AGFA film stock! Rock!