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New Staff

Please welcome EMRL’s newest staff member, Sunny Sky. She’ll be working with us part-time in various capacities. She’s pretty cool, for a tea drinker. Woo…

Grand Opening

Our grand opening party was a huge success – thanks to everyone who attended, and to those who helped us put the event together, especially…

Newtek Showing

EMRL will be opening its grand lobby up to interested parties for a demonstration of Newtek‘s Video Toaster 2 on March 20. Check this link…

New Website!

Welcome to our new website! Woo!


After much trouble and pain, we are finally completely out of our old location.

EMRL is Moving!

After seven years, innumerable events, parties, and hours of hard work, the EMRL is moving to a new location, just across the alley from its…