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35mm footage shot for Councilman Chris Cabaldon's commercial, and was shot with Agfa XT100, Fuji Velvia, and Kodak 5248 film.


We’ve placed a neat tour of the EMRL facilities online, available here.  More pictures will be added as time permits.

Smart Voter

New footage back from the lab, shot for a public service announcement.


Yay! Film transfer of the California Youth Crisis Line commercial went well! Check out the crazy color on this AGFA film stock! Rock!

News Coverage

EMRL coverage on TV! Our PSA shoot for the California Youth Crisis Line is featured prominently on local news channel KCRA 3. Check out more…

Hip Hop

Footage back from a project shot for Los Angeles hip hop artist Aceyalone. More info on Acey is available here and here.


Cool storyboards for our upcoming 35mm California Youth Crisis Line public service announcement. The crisis line is a project run by the California Coalition for…

Fresh from the Lab

Images from our latest telecine session with at Monaco Film and Video in San Francisco. This stuff was all shot on Kodak 7245, a slow…


Something about this small strip of film I just processed makes me giggle. Check it out.

New Staff

Please welcome EMRL’s newest staff member, Sunny Sky. She’ll be working with us part-time in various capacities. She’s pretty cool, for a tea drinker. Woo…