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Welcome 2003

Happy new Year! News from 2002 is available here.

The Neighborhood

More pictures from the neighborhood around the EMRL. I weighted the exposure toward the sky, so this batch of photos has an especially creepy, dark…

Mopey Photos

I took some more mopey hyper-grainy photos around Downtown Sacramento. I always forget how much I hate Ilford film, but everybody else likes it, so…

Funny Photos

Found a roll of Plus-X, so went out in the rain and took a few pictures of the area around our studio.

We Had a Party

Here’s some pictures.

Camera Test

Last night I tested our new camera body – this is what happened.

The Story of Rural Health

Our documentary on health care in California’s rural areas premiered at the lovely Crest Theater in Sacramento. We travelled all over California, and shot over…

Service Outage

EMRL.COM may be experiencing minor service outages in the next few days. We are setting up a new T1 connection, and there may be a…

Funny Quotes from the 'Net

Funny quotes from the net: emrl is superior because the physical models require a lot of time and expense emrl is to promote an atmosphere…

Press Coverage

Bob Shallit’s Business Column in the Sacramento Bee features a mention of our recent commercial. Business By Bob Shallit — Bee Staff Writer Published…