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Crazy Advertising

Check out this crazy web advertisement I found.

It’s True

I fell asleep in front of the web cam (again.) I hate it when that happens.

Life in Baghdad

Found an interesting blog written by a guy living in Baghdad. Read it.


We had an impromptu party. Aunt Viv told stories, chain smoked, demanded to have her friends put in a commercial, and then passed out on…

Casting Call

Last night we held a casting call for an upcoming commercial. Check out the resulting array of photos, shot with heinously grainy black and white…


Kind of neat to read stuff like this in retrospect. What? Color in the Movies Again? Reprinted from FORTUNE Magazine, October 1934 TECHNICOLOR is the…

Downtown Sacramento

Took some neat photos in the hood again, all using the same eye-level camera angle. These photos were shot with my Yashica Electro 35, the…


Crazy fisheye photos, shot at New Helvetia with a Peleng 8mm lens bolted to my old Nikon F.

Technical Information

Placed an archive of camera and film information online, available here.

Walking Around

More pictures of walking around downtown Sac.