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Smoking is Joyous

Somehow I thought it might be difficult to slip this one by :( Our Smoking Girl Gets Censored; from an email received by SuperArtMedia: I…

Ping Pong

This has got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. [media id=36 width=458] :O

Happy Birthday

Last week I was jumped on K Street mall by five guys, for no reason other than the sport of it. Oh yeah, today is…

Minty Green Freshness

Got the film back from the lab for the Northern California Experimental Music Festival commercial. Cool pukey green color!

The Death of Film

SALON.COM has a nice article on film and it’s alleged death here.


Finally posted some really crazy photos from my trip to Cinegear with me 1st Assistant Cameraman Ken Hilmer. I shot these with a four-lens Sports…

Great Western

Footage from the Great Western Mortgage shoot!


Photos from the shooting of our 0:10 spot for Fleet Feet Sports.

Addy Award Take Two

Our PSA for the California Youth Crisis Line has won a second ADDY at the District Level. As a result of this, it has been…


You know you’ve made it when you find your own work lying among bits of trash in the middle of a downtown intersection. Yay!