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Job: Account Assistant

We want to hire an Account Assistant to work with us in downtown Sacramento – someone to help us manage our workflow internally, help with research, and react quickly to the needs of our clients they are helping to manage.

We want to hire someone that will fit into our work space – we are an advertising agency yes, but we are also a workshop in the noble tradition of blue-collar industry. Occasionally our work has required the use of heavy power tools, and it’s possible you may get dirt under your finger nails. Our clients will love you when you do.

We want to hire someone that understands that advertising is storytelling, folk art, and applied philosophy all rolled up in a ball, and we are the fuzzy kittens playing with it.

What You’ll Do

  • Assist in the execution of advertising campaigns
  • Attend internal (possibly some external) meetings
  • Research & report on industries/demographics/etc
  • Clients’ social media development/updates
  • Assist with estimates, production, and media buys
  • Track your clients’ needs & feedback
  • Accurately track & monitor your accounts’ workload
  • Manage client approval of art assets
  • Assist with miscellaneous tasks as needed
  • Learn things that will help you do your job better
  • Make friends with all of our clients
  • Smile & have fun

What You Know

  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of interactive possibilities online
  • Strong knowledge of social media tools
  • Basic knowledge of basic tools such as Adobe Creative Suite

If you’re still reading this (we know it’s long-winded, sorry) and are not scared off yet, use the form below to let us know you’re awesome and we’ll contact you for an interview.


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