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28 days, and

So here we are, day 28. The 28th day we’ve been in exile. Sheltering-in-place. Whatever you want to call it.

There’s not a lot to say this week, we’re all still working from home and doing our best to deliver great work for our clients. It’s not been easy for us to adapt to all the changes in the way we need work, but we’re getting there.

… and 40 seconds.

When this lockdown first started, on day 1, I thought about how I should document this weird time. My camera was the first obvious choice; taking photos of empty shops, and desolate streets, and other things like that.

But I decided not to. I figure there’s a bagillion people doing exactly the same thing, so not much need to add to that pile.

Instead, I am documenting this weird time for myself by writing a piece of music. 1 bar each day. I am up to bar 28.

It’s a pretty lousy composition, that happens to sound like I feel.

It’s a very confusing 40 seconds of music so far. There’s no real structure. It starts out slow and quiet and gets more and more dissonant. Weirdly enough, as of yesterday I think it may have started to find its leitmotif. A few rhythmic patterns have repeated themselves.

I doubt I’ll ever share it with anyone. It’s a pretty lousy composition, but it sounds like I feel.

So that’s kind of neat.

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